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Upcoming Events:

 For all Upcoming Council Events check out the Council Website or the Council Calendars which are available at the Trailblazer Roundtable meetings

Annual Events:

Scout Expo

The Scout Expo is an event where local Packs and Troops come together in Willmar to show the local community what scouting is all about. Each unit creates a booth that will show off a scout skill, activity, or game. This is also where the District Hosts the Pinewood Derby race. The top racers from each unit compete in the contest to see which kid has the fastest car. 

Spring and Fall Camporee

Trailblazer hosts a Spring and Fall Camporee each year. Themes have ranged from Shotgun Shooting, Aviation, Climbing and High Ropes Challenge Course, Canoeing, Cycling, Pioneering, and many other fun scout skill activities. They will run Friday-Sunday  usually in April and September but can be shifted around based upon the season of the activity. Webelos are usually invited to come depending on the activities involved. Please check out Trailblazer Roundtable Meetings for more information

Klondike Derby

The Klondike Derby is a fun winter outdoors experience that is usually held in either January or February. Its a day long program that has kids doing different outdoor snow based activities and skills. Previously Trailblazer has done curling, broomball, snow shelter making, skiing, snowshoeing, winter survival, and other activities while promoting the team building skills of using a sled to carry materials and supplies to events. Webelos are encouraged to attend this event as the program is age appropriate for those youth. Please see the Roundtable meetings for added details about this winter event.

OA Conclave

This event is an induction challenge for incoming Order of the Arrow (OA) Members. The OA Conclave is a weekend campout exclusive to those scouts and leaders who have been selected by their peers to enter this honor society. The scouts chosen for this challenge are those scouts who represent the ideals of service, camping skills, and leadership. For more information about OA and its function please contact the OA Advisor listed on the District Contacts page.

District Dinner

The Trailblazer District Dinner is a public display of adult and youth awards for services rendered to the district and each of the communities scouts serves. Please attend Roundtable meeting or contact the District Executive for more information on this special event. 




 Trailblazer holds many events during the year. We encourage you to join us and meet other great Scouts while having fun.

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Pinewood Derby Rules

Pinewood Derby rules and information can be on the Northern Star Council website along with past winners and other related information.

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