Friday, July 20, 2018

There are six ranks in Boy Scouts. A Tenderfoot Scout is just beginning to travel the path that leads through Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life toward the most honored level, the Eagle Scout Award. The adults listed here guide tomorrow's leaders toward this goal:

See the complete list of Trailblazer District troops in the Northern Star Council or click on a troop in the map below.

If you are a unit leader, you can update the information found in the Unit Listings and Unit Maps by logging into the Unit Toolbox System at:

Trailblazer Boy Scout Troops
TroopScoutmasterAddressCity State ZipPhoneEmail
221Dale Wartman Atwater, MN
224Michael Gratz1600 8th St. SWWillmar, MN
227Dan Jenkins Willmar, MN
228Randy Benson Spicer, MN
259Mike Best Montevideo, MN
269Loren Fokken6010 140th Ave SEClara City, MN
305Pastor Jeff Cooper205 3rd St. ECanby, MN
313Tom McDonnell Olivia, MN
322Dennis Harding Dawson, MN
353Jesse Knudsen Litchfield, MN
432Rick Clouse Willmar, MN
466Doug Carlson Kerkhoven, MN
545Duane Tanner Spicer, MN
565Lee Corti Willmar, MN
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